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Welcome to Skal Houston!

Welcome to Skal Houston!

Skål is the ONLY organization that can bring ALL the diverse sectors of the Travel and Tourism industry together. If you are in a Houston area managerial position with a minimum of 3 years experience in Travel or Tourism, why not join us?

Skål enables Managers in the Travel and Tourism industry to get together in a spirit of friendship, meet people from other sectors of the business who you may not normally meet and possibly do a little bit of business as well!

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About Skal

Shortly after the inauguration of the first joint Swedish and French air service between Stockholm and Paris in 1932, a group of travel men from the French capital were invited to make an exploratory flight over the new route. The welcome they received in Stockholm led to many pleasant friendships.

Realizing the importance of closer relationships among those who strive to develop and promote both national and international travel, the men who made the flight to Stockholm were determined to found a permanent organization whose primary aim would be the creation of goodwill and friendship in travel and transportation circles throughout the world.

The Paris Skål Club was formed on December 16, 1932, with Rene Genestie as President. In 1934, twelve other clubs had been formed and Florimond Volckaert conceived the idea of uniting them into an international organization. The Association International des Skål Clubs (A.I.S.C.) was created on April 28, 1934, and Volckaert became its founding President.

On April 1, 1938, the Skål Club of North America (Skål Club of New York, No. 28) was founded.

As the first Skål Club established in North America, the New York Club assisted and guided in the formation of other Skål Clubs on this continent.

“The North American Chapter Committee” in which all Skål Clubs in North America were represented, was formed on March 31, 1949, and was followed by the North American Skål Council on August 9, 1950, and that orgaization was superseded by the National Skål Committee, U.S.A as National Committees were formed in Canada, Mexico and U.S.A.

Skal and the Skal Toast

D.1. There is often some confusion on the origin of the meaning of the word Skål and the Skal Toast.

D.2. Skål is a word whose meaning is felt more readily than it is. It incorporates all the feelings expressed in our worldwide Skål Toast shown in paragraph D.4.

D.3. Previous research by Scandinavian Skålleagues has appeared in articles in Skål News. This research has shown that:

“The word Skål is of old Swedish origin and was, among other things, a drinking bowl of varied shapes. Made of wood – glass would have been too dangerous in those days of violent social habits (?) – they were known as Skålars. As a logical consequence they said Skålwhen they drank to each other, before becoming quite unruly.

But the Skål ritual also had attached much importance and serious significance. Despite religious disapproval in the 17th Century, about the so-called “master of the house toast’, Swedish Canon law of 1686 gave it its blessing.

According to the law it was to take place at the beginning of the wedding dinner ‘before noise and manners arise” – meaning – ‘before sitting down to dinner”.

Without any doubt Skål customs in former times had a much more serious meaning than today. In medieval society the vassals sealed their oaths to the king or feudal lord with the toast ‘Skål’. The custom was common in all areas of Scandinavia.

D.4. However, for all Skålleagues, the Skål toast should have a deep significance symbolizing a deep sentiment of friendship, which becomes stronger with every passing day.

It should be recognized by all members worldwide. It has been adapted, over the years, to meet the needs of the Skål Movement. In various countries it is used in different forms.

However, by custom, the Skål worldwide toast is: “To fellow Skålleagues everywhere – Happiness; Good Health; Friendship; Long Life – Skål’.

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